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Everybody is shocked, also Tess, a model with who I work for a few months. On March 6, when she comes to my studio to work, she carries a protest board with her. After our session she is going to a demonstration against the war on the Dam.

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On 24 Feb 2022 Putin launches his attack on Ukraine. I am shocked and in tears. I sympathise a lot with the Ukrainian people, who want freedom and democracy.
I work with nice peaceful Russians in Amsterdam for a long time, who I love.

In the afternoon I paint a Ukrainian flag which I put in the window of my studio.

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Structure of psyche

Fase 1 in ‘Book of Z.’ Explaining a structure of psyche according to Z. While working on the book, I I put these sketches in front of me on my desk, they help me to stay focussed.

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(tempera indigo on paper)

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‘Book of Z’

‘Book of Z’ is a project I am working on. ‘Book of Z’ is story, a filmscript and an installation.

In ‘Book of Z’ a young woman tells us about the events in her unusual life. We follow her in the form of a storyboard, with drawings and paintings.

Our main character does not see things in a regular way. This puzzles her, and is a source of worry to her.

She changes form all the time, when she needs to, to achieve her goal, sometimes with ruthless precision.

After many adventures she meets a philosopher, now old, with who she shares her findings. They have a long discussion.

She discovers something about him and about herself. She has to share something with us.

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Black Square Dance

(Gouache on cotton paper – 2018)

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(Oil chalk paint on cotton paper, 2016)



Wat nu?

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